WEALTH MANAGEMENT NQF 5(Online & in person)

Key Facts

  • Learning Material: Online access to study material – study guide, formative assessments and relevant additional resources.
  • Mode of Study: Virtual Classes and Online Tutorials
  • Flexible Self Learning in line with your schedule
  • Duration: 12 – 24 Months
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The Higher Certificate in Wealth Management (HCWM) provides an ideal entry point into the financial services industry in various roles, or to kickstart your career in financial planning.

The HCWM is recognised by the Financial Services Conduct Authority for all product sub-categories of Category I FSPs, and can be used to fulfil fit and proper requirements for FAIS roles in Category I FSPs.

This course introduces a basic understanding of the key terms, rules, concepts and principles of the field that will enable learners to be informed about the long-term insurance industry.


What will the qualification enable you to do?

Upon successful completion of the HCWM students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of legislation, ethics, and compliance in the context of the financial services sector in South Africa.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the financial planning process in terms of collecting, analysing and synthesising appropriate data to develop solutions and make judgments and recommendations that take into consideration client needs and attitudes.
  • Apply a fundamental knowledge of insurance, economics, investment practices, tax and other financial information to match the financial requirements of clients to financial products.
  • Communicate and present information, in writing and verbally, to demonstrate insight into current issues in the Financial Services Sector.

The opportunities that come with an NQF level 5 qualification are endless. It is a qualification that will open up doors for you and allow you to explore different career paths. The NQF level 5 course is designed to be a comprehensive, interactive and practical introduction to the world of work. It will be delivered in an enjoyable and stimulating way, with plenty of opportunities for students to develop their skills.

The course will provide an opportunity for students to explore careers in a range of sectors, including business, finance, public service, and the voluntary sector.

Who should Apply?

  • Administrators in financial planning practices, insurance companies, banks and retirement funds;
  • Self-employed financial advisors or brokers working under supervision who need a qualification to meet fit and proper requirements;
  • Tied agents; or employed personnel rendering intermediary services in a variety of roles.


Course Content


Provides knowledge of different forms of business ownership and their advantages and disadvantages in starting a business. The module also provides knowledge of basic financial statements used in a business, business assurance needs, and the different business assurance structures used to address these needs.



Provides an introduction to the financial services sector, its role players, and its products, as well as current issues and trends in the sector. The module also provides knowledge and understanding of the main legislation applicable in the context of financial planning; and the important role of ethics in financial planning.



Provides an introduction to the medical scheme and healthcare benefits environment in South Africa. The module provides knowledge of main legislation impacting on and detailed knowledge of health care products.



Provides knowledge of basic economic concepts, client life-cycle stages, and financial needs with an emphasis on savings, investment, and retirement planning needs, as well as detailed knowledge of the asset classes, financial products, and financial management strategies used to address personal investment and retirement planning needs.

The module further provides a fundamental understanding of the financial planning process, and the use of a basic capital needs analysis in analyzing a client’s investment and retirement planning needs.



Provides knowledge of client life-cycle stages and financial needs with an emphasis on personal risk needs, as well as detailed knowledge of the financial products and financial management strategies that are used to address personal risk planning needs. The module further provides a fundamental understanding of the financial planning process, and the use of a basic capital needs analysis in analyzing a client’s risk needs.

Total credits:120

Entry Requirements


Learning Material

Students will have online access to their study material which will include a study guide, self-assessments, and relevant additional resources.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

These courses are planned to run throughout the year. However, they are subject to student demand. For more information info@finlite.co.za


Course cots R22500
Registration costs R650
for more information: info@finlite.co.za


We have monthly intakes

You can register anytime

Accreditation and Certification


The Qualification consists of Fundamental, Core, and Elective components. To be awarded the qualification, students are required to obtain a minimum of 120 credits in line with the component requirements.

Certification will occur as soon as all the relevant unit standards toward the qualification have been completed, verified, and endorsed by INSETA and uploaded onto the INSETA Indicium System.

Method of training

We provide flexible online self-learning with access to video tutorials, learning material and assessments on our robust e-learning platform funda.work.

You will also access Whatsapp student support and academic support from our friendly and experienced expert facilitators.

We also have live interactive Q & A sessions for exam revisions on request and group physical sessions on request.

Admission Requirements

A knowledge, comprehension and application of the English language at NQF Level 4 (Grade 12 or equivalent level) is required.

How to Apply?

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Students will have to complete Formative Assessments (POE) and a final invigilated written Summative Assessment for each module.



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