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Financial Planning Courses

Our courses are accredited by leading industry bodies, so you can have peace of mind that the quality of training is second to none. Whether you are looking for a new career or want to improve your current skillset as a financial sector professional, Finlite has the perfect course for you.

We are accredited for:

Skills Development Facilitation (SDF)

Our end-to-end platform, helps companies comply with SETA requirements by submitting Annual Training Reports (ATR) and Work Skills Plans (WSP) so that they can access seta funding for employee bursaries, learnerships, internships and work readiness programs through the INSETA’s discretionary funding. To learn more about how discretionary grants work, read our blog here or contact us to speak to our skills development experts. 

As an end-to-end skills development tool, our groundbreaking platform, has digitised recruitment, learning, and mentoring for learnships and related programs, giving our partners peace of mind so that they can build a pipeline of new talent, monitor skills development programs and provide reporting for their BBBEE compliance with efficiency and ease. 

Consumer and Stokvel Education

Finlite provides innovative consumer education and stokvel interventions to help people gain a better understanding of finances and make informed decisions about their money. We cover everything from budgeting tips, savings, investing and debt management strategies. We work with insurance companies, banks, and other financial sector companies to help them make an impact in the communities they serve and adhere to the financial sector charter requirements. We have a suite of impactful solutions including theater education customizable learning content, boardgame, stokvel seminars, works, podcast production, and other digital assets.  Speak to us about your unique consumer education needs. 

Some of our consumer education offering includes:

Seminars & Webinars
Theater Education
Content development
Digital media campaigns
inspirational Talks

Employee Financial Wellness

We go beyond just financial qualifications; our employee financial wellness program helps staff understand their finances and develop healthy money habits to help them control their money better and improves their well-being, contributing to your positive bottom line. To learn more about our Employee Financial Wellness Program click here

Why Choose Us?

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency – our innovative solutions can save you up to 50% of your training budget

FAIS compliance

We take care of the skills development, FAIS compliance and BEE requirements in one platform

Robust Reporting

Monitor your training and development KPI's with one click with our robust reporting backend

Total Flexibility

Learners have a total flexibility of learning in their own pace and style​

Monitor your Training​

Monitor your training and development KPI's with one click with our robust reporting backend

Industry experts

Our content is created by the best industry experts and updated frequently

Market Makers

We are market makers – we bring customers closer to the financial professionals, and professionals closer to the customers

Cloud-based learning

Our cloud-based learning and mentorship platform gives your people access to quality content and mentors anytime and anywhere – allowing you the freedom

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program ensures that there's no only academic impact by a transfer of knowledge and retention of key skills in your organization

BEE compliance

We have a consistently updated database of young talented black learners who are actively improving their skills through our platform to smooth your talent acquisition and BEE compliance process

Understanding the Sector

We have a privilege of understanding the sophisticated financial sector and the needs of South African consumers having served employers, communities and stokvels in the past 12 years

Financial Industry

We not only train your staff to understand the financial industry better, but also to understand the consumers and their needs in an deeper way that helps them build and retail long term clients