The property revolution podcast is an unconventional, radical and inspirational space to drive an intentional conversation about economic transformation to Africans by Africans through property. Hosted by Andile Fulane, one of the pioneers and advocates of financial literacy as a tool to emancipate and uplift Africans from socio-economic challenges. Andile built his wealth and other businesses through a property portfolio that not only gave him 160% gross returns in the past 12 years but also taught him invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship, running a small business and investing beyond properties. He currently serves as group CEO SOP Holdings, and believes the R 5.9 Trillion property market in South Africa holds incredible potential.

In this podcast he interviews captains of industries, influencers and ordinary people doing amazing things in the property space, from backyard rooms, stokvels, JSE listed property fund managers, property developers, government representatives, and other stakeholders.

The objective is to share ideas, lessons, create wealth and build a legacy.

The podcast is sponsored by Finlite Financial Education through their amazing accredited course in Property Investing. Check out their website