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What are the benefits of completing a short course?

  • Some short courses keep your skills current in readiness for opportunities
  • It portrays your commitment to ongoing learning opportunities
  • Provides networking opportunities both in person and online
  • You can identify your hidden talents/interests that inspire and challenges you
  • It is cost-effective and provides added skills to workers at any level

How to make short courses valuable?

Some short courses are not aligned or accredited to NQF levels and do not lead to a full qualification. However, it indicates to your current or prospective employer that you are self-motivated and eager to broaden your skill set which does not allow you to become stagnant. Finlite’s courses are unique in that they are accredited with INSURANCE SETA and built towards a full qualification.

There are many different types of short courses available to anyone, employed or not. Short courses play an important role in developing South African job-seekers and current employees in the workplace. They are affordable, and manageable and help people gain specific skills training within a short period.

"Which course or qualification do you need to take your insurance and finance career to new heights?

With Finlite, you can choose from a variety of short and long programs that suit your needs and pocket. Choose from a range of courses including the popular Wealth Management NQF 5 with 120 FAIS credits required by the FSCA for financial planners or anyone looking to build a client-facing career in the financial sector. Some of the short courses that serve as building blocks toward the 120 credits qualification are:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning

  • Fundamentals of Risk Management

  • Fundamentals of Investment Planning

  • Basics of Business & Financial Administration

  • and a lot more others 

We also provide RE 5 training, Class of Business, and custom-built short programs for groups. Get the guidance you need for your career development with our career development officers, who are always on standby for any questions. With our in-house bursary and payment plans, you can start today.”

If you want to further your studies but don’t have a matric register now for a certificate in Long-term Insurance NQF 4.


Registration costs R650


Contact our office for more information:


Finlite Financial education qualifications are designed and frequently reviewed to meet

changing market demands. This guarantees that the qualifications offered are in line with the latest skill developments within a specific career field.



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