New QCTO Insurance Qualifications for FAIS Credits
New QCTO Insurance Qualifications for FAIS Credits


The landscape of accredited courses in South Africa is undergoing a significant transformation with the shift from the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). This move aims to standardise qualifications and improve the quality of education and training in various sectors, including financial services. This article provides an in-depth analysis of how this transition affects financial planning education, specifically focusing on INSETA courses, their breakdown into specialised sub-courses, and how they compare to the traditional Wealth Management NQF 5 and Long Term Insurance NQF 4 courses. With its commitment to excellence, FinLite positions itself as a leader in providing QCTO-accredited courses, boasting expert facilitators, world-class support, and a robust portfolio of satisfied clients.

Understanding the Shift from SETA to QCTO

The transition from SETA-accredited courses to QCTO-designed qualifications marks a pivotal shift in vocational education and training in South Africa. The primary goal of this shift is to ensure that courses meet the evolving needs of industries by focusing on occupational standards and practical competencies.

Key Changes:

  • Emphasis on Occupational Skills: QCTO courses are designed around specific occupational roles, ensuring learners acquire skills directly applicable to their job functions.
  • Integration of Theory and Practice: These courses blend theoretical knowledge with practical training more seamlessly than their SETA counterparts.

The Transition of INSETA Courses

INSETA, responsible for education in the insurance and finance sectors, has restructured its offerings to align with QCTO requirements. This restructuring involves breaking down broader courses like Financial Planning into more specialised sub-courses to meet specific industry needs.

New Course Structure

The transition introduces specialised courses targeting key areas of financial services. Here’s a simple table outlining the old INSETA courses and their new QCTO equivalents:

Legacy INSETA CourseNew QCTO Course
Wealth Management NQF 5Occupational Certificate: Financial Advisor NQF 6
– Long Term Insurance NQF 4
– Investment Planning NQF 5
– Health Insurance NQF 4
– Pension Fund Management NQF 5
Long Term Insurance NQF 4Long Term Insurance NQF 4 (restructured)
New QCTO vs Legacy Inseta Qualifications

Focus on Financial Planning Course Breakdown

The Financial Planning course has been segmented into several sub-courses, each focusing on a specific aspect of financial services:

  • Long Term Insurance: Focuses on the skills needed to manage and sell life insurance products.
  • Investment Planning: Covers the strategies for effective investment management and planning.
  • Health Insurance: Addresses the specifics of health-related insurance products and their management.
  • Pension Fund Management: Deals with the management of pension funds and retirement planning.

Comparing New vs. Old Qualifications

The newly structured courses are designed to be more intensive and specialised compared to the broader scoped NQF 4 and 5 qualifications.

Duration and DOFA Date Impact

The Duration of Accreditation (DOFA) is crucial as it determines when a financial service provider is considered competent to provide specific services. The duration of the new QCTO courses varies, typically extending from the previous SETA courses, which can affect the DOFA date by requiring more comprehensive training before certification.

Implementation Timeline

The transition from SETA to QCTO courses is set to be fully implemented by 2023. This timeline gives institutions and learners adequate time to adjust to the new qualifications framework.

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The transition from SETA to QCTO represents a significant evolution in the training and certification of financial professionals in South Africa. FinLite is at the forefront of this change, offering specialised, QCTO-accredited courses that equip learners with the skills needed to thrive.

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